BOST Members
Date: 2019-01-29       

♦Premier, SU Tseng-chang (Convenor)

Minister without Portfolio, WU Tsung-tsong (Deputy Convenor)

Minister of Science and Technology, CHEN Liang-gee (Deputy Convenor)

President of Academia Sinica, James LIAO C.

Minister, Directorate-General of Budget, Accounting and Statistics, Executive Yuan, CHU Tzer-ming

Minister, National Development Council, CHEN Mei-ling

Minister of Economic Affairs, SHEN Jong-chin

Minister of Health and Welfare, CHEN Shih-chung

♦Minister of Agriculture, CHEN Chi-chung

♦Minister of Education, PAN Wen-chung

♦Minister of Transportation and Communications, LIN Chia-lung 

Minister of Culture, CHENG Li-chiun

Founder, Morris CHANG

♦Director, TUNG Tzu-hsien

♦Chairman, Barry LAM

♦Chairman and Board Director, JANG Yue-teh

Consultants, HO Mei-yueh

♦General manager, CHIEN Lee-feng

♦Professor, TSAI Zse-hong